established in 13TH CENTURY

The Dovecote

The Dovecote



There was a farmhouse on the site of Barton Court as early as the 14th century. The age can be identified by the architecture of The Tythe Barn and The Dovecote, which is a National Monument. 

In 1780, the property was bought by Henry Lambert and radically updated.  The Georgian facade was added on the south elevation and much of the mediaeval structure was altered to bring in more light and space. His aim was to woo the local heiress with his vision and modernity.  It worked and she married him. 

From that time onwards, essentially, only two families have owned and lived in this glorious property. Both sets were true English eccentrics with a love of dogs, horses and ferrets that can be seen throughout the grounds in the various outbuildings that were created to house them.

We bought the house in 2015 and have gently massaged it back into life.