It has been a busy summer for us here. Too busy to keep up with this journal. Apologies, I will try to do better!

As a child, I used to buy a diary ready for every January and begin by promising that, this year, I would keep it up. My resolutions were always the same: to lose weight, get fit, write my diary………. but I never got beyond the end of the first month. We will see how this public journal goes. We did have someone else writing for us but James and I feel that Barton Court news is better coming straight from us.

We have been refurbishing more spaces during the summer. We have a lovely new wooden floor in the Engine Room which has already been given the thumbs up by our yoga teacher. Her class found it so pleasant that they are coming back next month. Message me if you would like details: it is a relaxing day that is much enjoyed.

The roof of the Edwardian Stables finally fell in and we had to address that. Fortunately, we found an excellent local guy who has been doing a great job but the scope - not to mention the cost - was far greater than we had anticipated. Nearly done now, though, and the Edwardian Stables should now be safe from any further deterioration while we work on getting the funds together to do them up properly.

We have also been fortunate in finding a talented garden designer. Those of you who have been to Barton Court will know that the one thing it lacks is colour in the garden. Rachel Hope has created a lovely scheme to enhance all the magical features and open up even more of the stunning views. We are impatient to see how beautiful the grounds will look this time next year after her reshaping and planting has settled in.

Our aim has always to establish ourselves as a destination wedding venue. We believe that there are a raft of features at Barton Court that lend themselves to extended celebrations. Getting known has taken far longer than we anticipated but we have finally broken the ice and have several weddings booked in and a lot more people coming to view.

On the immediate horizon are various events. Our own Christmas Fair will be held on 7th December. We are busy lining up products to sell and stallholders to delight you. Starting in a couple of weeks is an experimental Friday club for mums and children to wind down after school in the Loose Box. Have a look at the What’s On page for more details. We are pleased to welcome Kat Griffiths as one of our Engine Room specialists. She has a series of floral workshops running starting this month. The October one has already been sold out so make sure you get in quickly if you want to learn about wreath making for Christmas.

Lots more to tell you but I will save it for the next bulletin.

Enjoy the rich glow of October!