For wicked guys and little ghouls


Tricks and Treats

Barton Court 31/10 from 4pm

Heather Cambridge, owner of local company Diddy Stars, has a theatrical background, elements of which she brings to her children’s groups. Through the encouragement of acting, she is skilled at building up confidence in children while they are having fun.

We are very pleased to have her hosting a Halloween party at Barton Court on 31st October from 4pm to 8pm in the Engine Room. She and her team are planning all manner of mayhem and fun in this - normally - light filled space that we will be transforming over the next week into something spooky. For £10, your child will have a terrific party with lots of games, music and fun; delicious food disguised to be creepy; prizes for the best/scariest/funniest costume and a goody bag to take home. Local cake maker, The Cake Tin, will be baking a fantastically ghoulish cake for all the children to share.

Grown ups are very welcome to join in with their kids or, if they fancy a little bit of peace and quiet, they can relax next door in the Loose Box with a cuppa, a glass of wine and some food.

Get your tickets here:

Linda CampBarton Court