Support our Local Charity

All shapes and sizes welcome here……………………..

Malvern Special Families is a charity local to Barton Court that fulfils a very important function. It provides entertainment and safe play for children and young adults with special needs and disabilities.

The effect is two-fold: it gives the kids somewhere to let their hair down and have fun in an environment which protects them from harm. It also enables families and carers to have a bit of a breather from looking after loved ones who can be especially demanding in terms of energy and time.

Having access to the friendly, welcoming haven of Malvern Special Families is a boon to parents and children alike, and we are very happy to have discovered this worthy charity to support.

Our first fundraising activity is at Halloween. Please unleash your inner artist to carve and/or decorate a pumpkin that will be entered into one of 5 categories in the competition. The prizes are great and we are hoping - with your help - to have a wonderful display for everyone to enjoy. You can see more details and buy tickets here.

Have some fun. Do some good. Join in.