Things that go bump in the night……………….

Things that go bump in the night……………….


Did you know that Barton Court has its very own ghost? According to legend, a white robed lady is said to walk across the bridge from the house to the Pleasure Garden in the dead of night. We haven’t see her outside but various people claim to have seen her out of the corner of their eyes upstairs in the house. If she does exist, she is very benign. Barton Court has a happy, wholesome feel to it; not at all creepy.

However, like most people - especially children - we enjoy having our spines tingled occasionally and we love to dress up in crazy clothes and put mad make up on. So……………….we love Halloween because it is a great excuse to do both!

This year, Diddy Stars - owned and run by Heather Cambridge - is hosting a Halloween party in the Engine Room for children from 4 upwards. It starts after school at 4pm and will finish at 8pm after which the winners of the Pumpkin Carving Competition will be announced. We plan to go all out on the decoration of the Engine Room. I have been rewatching Harry Potter for some inspiration and floating candles caught my eye………..There will be lots of fun things to do: a ghostly treasure hunt, ghoulish games, making scary stuff, monster stomping and scoffing all manner of yukky things like dead fingers and slime. Tickets are £10 and include food and drink plus a goody bag to take home.

You need to pre book and spaces are limited so make sure you get yours soon. Here is the link:


A Moveable Feast

Last year we talked about starting a club for foodies with a programme of events - dinners, tastings, demonstrations, etc - put on at Barton Court. We began with our Guys and Ghouls dinner which was a lot of fun. Since then, we have been so focussed on getting the Engine Room and The Loose Box ready for events, that we have dropped the ball a bit. We are back with a vengeance now! We have discovered some sensational chefs, growers, producers and entertainers for your edification. Be one of the first 100 members of the club and get the inside scoop on what is on the agenda plus discounts on tickets and special offers. Registration is free. Just drop me an email:

To book tickets for any of our events, follow this link:



Wish you had been on the last course in April? You can still get a masterclass in floristry this year. Sabine Darrall Floral is coming back to Barton Court for another 3 day residential intensive course in floristry 22 - 25 October. For more information get in touch with Sabine directly or email me,